i3Display Interactive Digital Display is the perfect choice to improve customer
interactions at showrooms and galleries. i3Display provides a list of 
services in real-time with relevant content. Many servicing departments choose to
add display screens to empower customers and to explore the
various options on a display for their businesses.

Our Solutions to Enhance your Showroom:


Product showcase
High-end digital display showcase is a brilliant method to share more about product specification of your products. i3Display is useful to promote your latest highlighted product.
Customer data collection
Capture your customers’ data with a simple survey form through i3Display panels, and generate data in useful formats afterwards.

Interactive Live Activities
Go Live! Perform HTML creative content or games (‘Spin-the-Wheel’, ‘Tikam-tikam’, ‘Lucky Draw’) trend to interact more with your customers and to activate the interest in them of your brand.

E-Catalogue downloadable
Reduce printing costs by digitizing your showroom’s brochures, agendas, or any other promotional materials.

Data analytic
All touch statistics are stored for analysis. This feature allows you to analyze which content are being accessed the most and also identify the popular products and the behavioral patterns of terminal customers.

Control multiple devices from various showrooms from one place
You can change content on the fly through our cloud servers.

You can now broadcast bright, vibrant visuals of your products’ popular items, limited time offers or promotions that can entice your targeted customers in your showroom.

i3DiSPLAY Features

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