i3DiSPLAY Lite is a complete software solution for managing digital displays.
It has the power to transform your business and captivate your customers.

Get up and running in no time by using i3DiSPLAY Lite to turn any display into
a digital advertising device, complete with interactive content! You will then
also be able tomanage your display using your mobile from anywhere!

Simply create your trial account with i3DiSPLAY Lite, then install the app on
any mobile device you would like to use as a display. Its that simple!

i3DiSPLAY Lite features include:


Simple Steps for Content Management

Drag and Drop image and video files.

Control Multiple Devices of Various Locations from One Place

Change content on the fly through our cloud servers.

Schedule your Content

Manage the start and end dates to display ads, promotions, or product catalogues on the display, and they will be changed automatically according to the schedule.

Customize your Content Library

Control the transitional flow with a simple yet effective numbering system.

Work in Offline

Display screens will continue to broadcast messages and/or picture even when there is no network access.

Download i3DiSPLAY Lite User Manual


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