Digital display panels are the ideal choice to enhance customer experience
and improve efficiency and flexibility in the food serving industry.
Improve your queue management and reduce waiting times with menu
suggestions, infotainment and interactive self-ordering kiosks.
Capture the attention of your customers as they make their choice.

Self-Order Boards

This service allows customers the option to skip the classic queue to order as well as making payments. Broadcast products with beautiful presentation and attractive photos/graphics to entice customers. With i3DiSPLAY self-ordering system, fast food chains will be able to open more branches in future.

Digital Menu Boards

  • Single Menu Screens
  • Video Wall Menu Screens

Using i3Display you can now edit digital menu board; product titles, description and pricing instantly with ease. i3DiSPLAY is able to copy the menu board and change to display different information at different times of the day. Have a special menu for Friday evenings? i3DiSPLAY’s is flexible to schedule and broadcast menu content as you wish.

Digital Menu Boards

  • Promotion Boards
  • Outdoor LED Advertising Boards

i3DiSPLAY panels has definitely cut costs for these types of deployments, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive computers screens. Bright, vibrant visuals of popular items or limited time offers can entice your target customers to walk or drive into your restaurant.

Our added display solutions for F&B include:

Data Collection

Selfie camera and social media share campaign

HTML 5 Mini activities

i3DiSPLAY Features

Case Studies


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