i3Display Interactive Digital Signage is a huge benefit with numerous
attractive software applications in many public spaces, such
as events, weddings, roadshows, conferences and more.

Our event software signage services include:


Data Collection & Data Mining
Capture customer’s database by using a simple survey form via i3Display device and generate data into a useful format.
Interactive Dynamic Games
Create ready-to-play interactive games such as 'Spin-the-Wheel', 'Tikam Tikam' & Lucky Draw to approach customers / guests in a fun way!

Selfie Camera with Instant Printer
Create event awareness by taking advantage of the selfie trend with the camera-equipped application.

Real Time Sharing to Social Media
Customers are able to share their selfie via i3Display device to their own social media accounts at any events.

Downloadable E-brochure
Reduce printing cost by digitalizing your event brochure / agenda.

Event Registration
Able to manage all guests’ invitations, RSVP and walk in guest on i3Display device.

Display Gallery
Welcome messages will automatically be displayed on the major screen after the guest registers their attendance.

i3DiSPLAY Features

Case Studies


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