About i3Display


  • M3’s in-house R&D teams to develop and monitor the changes in technology in ensuring our products & services are kept abreast with today’s world technology trends.
  • M3’s presence in Shenzhen, China and the long term relationships with the local factories (through our distribution business) solidifies the necessary advantage in providing a turn-key solution, from hardware design, quality control protocols before shipment to Malaysia – guarantees the terminals are in prime functional condition prior to commercial deployment.
  • M3’s product & service value is price competitive considering the internal consolidated efforts amongst our subsidiaries across the globe , leading to our unmatched, competitor edge.
  • CUSTOMIZATION of the interactive application further value adds to the turn-key commitment, to provide and support the service/product from hardware to software (without any reliance on a 3rd party entity).
  • M3 provides secure, efficient and high quality standards of delivery (mobile service, software applications) and hardware.
  • M3 is committed to put together the best of technology to help move your operation to the forefront of your industry and businesses.
  • M3 is a leading distributor of Consumer IT Gadgets, i.e. PND/GPS, DVR Cameras, Power Banks, LED products etc in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.