i3DiSPLAY 4K is complete software for digital display management.
It allows you to turn your 4K TV screens into an intelligent advertising
display panel. Picture quality has never been brighter, with high clarity,
and more vibrant colours using i3DiSPLAY 4K. Take the quick step
towards showcasing your business products in the best way possible
to impress more customers.

Manage it from anywhere on your mobile and your advertising display
will be up and running in no time with attractive contents.

i3DiSPLAY Software features include:


One Solution for All Industries

i3DiSPLAY software is built to suit all types of businesses on different usage, such as Showroom, Exhibition, Events, Shopping Mall, F&B, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals and etc.

Supports 4K resolution and HD format content

Supports BMP, JPG, MP4, MP3, PDF
and GIF content.

Friendliest Content Management System

i3DiSPLAY software delivers creative business applications, analytics and data-driven experiences to achieve desired business goals for various industries cost effectively. All content can be synchronized in real time and downloadable to display panels wherever they may be deployed.

Innovation on the Fly

All content is stored in our secured cloud servers and its available from any location with Internet connectivity. Construct your content anywhere in the world with flexible scheduling and broadcasting timing function.

CMS Security & Content Backup

i3DiSPLAY CMS is built with security access control where essential data is encrypted through renowned Cloud Hosting companies for daily backup. Live monitoring and user security management can be conducted on all devices and controlled by each account owners.

Tons of Plugins Possibilities

Total flexibility to fit the purpose of the display, additional situation-specific applications that is already built-in or can be incorporated to cater within the software platform.

The below are some of i3DiSPLAY software platform plugins:

  • Promotional Game Play
  • Camera & Selfie Photo Sharing
  • Seminar or Show Registrations, RSVP
  • Informational Kiosk & e-Brochure Downloads

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